Zero Point Reset

This 90-minute, therapeutic hands-on treatment for body, mind and spirit, is over clothes and usually integrated with acupuncture treatment. It can also be offered without needles for adults and children.

Do you feel scattered, moody, tired, in pain, out of tune, stuck, confused or burnt out?  In addition to relieving stress, tension and pain, improving balance and calming your nervous system back to Zero Point, you may feel more present, inspired, and in love with life.

This treatment will refresh you from the inside out.  It reorganises chaotic energy into stillness and flow, to the centred point of union, to promote a renewed sense of wellness and balance.

Zero Point is the central point of constant creation, evolution and oneness.  It is the unified heart of the universe and the source of our genesis.  It is the still point where all life emanates from.

Love radiates, strengthens and unifies the upward spiral towards the central point of Oneness, the Zero Point.

When the body and mind are safely and lovingly held, the mind can become still and the body can carry out the healing it intrinsically knows how to achieve. During the Zero Point session, your body is invited to expand and relax into a state similar to deep meditation. This is when your mental armour drops and you can access deeper states of consiousness.

The body stores memory.  As you enter deep relaxation, the techniques used may release cellular memory from your tissues or bones to help you heal through awareness.  You may have vivid recall or a knowing of something that happened in your past, or get clarity on something you are investigating. With focused awareness through my guidance, you may be able to feel the places where you hold deep stress and gain insight into why you are unable to be at ease, in stillness, in the present.

You may also experience the chatter of your mind, fall into a deep trance, feel an energy recalibration or let go of tension.  Each experience is unique every time and the outcome may or may not be what you think you need, but what is needed for your soul’s evolution back to centre in Zero.

I allow my hands and intuition to guide the form of contact that is needed in the moment with your soul’s permission and guidance. Through this medium of communication, I may receive insights, and visions that your Higher Self feels safe to show me.  I can reflect these to you so you can bring yourself into a deeper understanding of your experiences and start making conscious choices towards love and inner peace.

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