Tantra Yoga

In my yoga classes, I share the sacred teachings of Yoga and Tantra through our practice together on the mat which becomes the foundation for your daily life off the mat.

The practice of Yoga ‘union with God’ is an ancient science that is a way of life.

This conscious education is a non-religious practice that is available and appropriate for everyone, regardless of their experience.
When your body is clear, light, balanced and free, your mind easily follows.

Yoga is well known for its physical practice consisting of a series of different postures, called asanas. These postures are the most superficial aspect of yoga and are practiced in preparation for the unfolding of the indescribable potential of the human mind and soul. When practiced diligently with the flow of breath, this practice soothes the nervous system, enhances concentration, builds strength, encourages flexibility, regulates balance, and aids healing of the physical organs for overall health and wellbeing.

Yoga, at its core, is the realisation of Oneness; the union of the individual consciousness with the universal.

“The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.”


This physical practice

is anchored in Hatha Yoga and refined with intricate techniques and teachings from the Anusara lineage.

This lineage is founded in non-dual Tantric philosophy; that at the centre of all is an embodiment of One consciousness, which in its essence pulsates with Supreme Bliss.

Tantra states that all of life observed and experienced in the here and now is divine and this sacred body, gifted and on loan to us to house the experience of the Great Spirit, is also the vehicle to liberation.

As such, we honour our sacred body and all expressions of creation because they are the dwelling place of the Divine. We have been given the task of caring for this temple, until the day that the body withers away and we move beyond its limitations.

Guru is the one who brings you from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowing).

There is only one Guru, and that is the Creator, God. Realising that the Creator dwells within, we must turn inwards and contemplate to the Guru within.

The teachings of this safe, alignment-based practice with precise methodology -and a foundation of spiritual principles honouring the innate goodness in every moment – makes this devoted practice complete, heart-opening, uplifting, joyful, playful, inspirational and suitable for every student at every level.

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