Natural Learning for Children

Our children are our future and their understanding of life lies in our hands.

When we opened our children’s project, Hearts, we thought we knew what our children needed. We soon realised that they knew better what they needed, so we listened.

We understood the importance of hearing our children’s voices. This method of child-led natural learning can be frustrating for parents because of our conditioning. It requires full trust that children are curious beings with an innate desire to learn and evolve.

What I believe and now understand, is that children must know and trust their intuition; to know how to live, feel, communicate, process pain, grow food, feed themselves, understand the cycles of nature, explore, be inspired, sit still, go inwards, play and listen to their inner guidance.

When they have the freedom to explore within safe containers, they naturally want to learn to read and write, to explore science, play with numbers, learn languages, and dive deep into a topic. In this way, they quickly become experts in their field of interest.

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