Guidance and practices to help you connect with your inner wisdom and purpose for a joyful, inspired and fulfilling life.

You are a sovereign being, with a unique expression.  Do you know what your purpose is and are you fulfilling it?

When attention and intention are held, it is possible to work very deeply quickly.


I offer guidance in an open and relaxed flow, focused in the present moment, or with more structure through a deep dive into your psyche. The latter is useful for those curious about the source of their thoughts, behaviours, and life experiences with a desire to evolve and grow from them.

For those wanting to grow their professional practice, I offer supervision to new practitioners or those returning to service and wanting to re-establish and realign themselves to apply conscious behaviour in their business.

The darkness is but the absence of light.  Through guided self-enquiry, ancient wisdom teachings, and the refinement of your attention and intention,  you will find your inner wisdom in the fire we stoke together.

Your beliefs and patterns are reflected in your experience of life and through your relationships.  Where there is discomfort and dis-ease, love and peace are absent.  Most of us override our inner compass, our true north, and we become victims of life rather than embody our greatness in Love.

Learn the simple ways in which to reconnect, reharmonise, and recalibrate.

Receive ancient wisdom teachings and the elixirs of life.

Be in your fullness, your joy and in flow with your innate gifts.

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