Where are you going and how are you getting there?

You are a sovereign being, with a unique expression.  Do you know what your purpose is and are you fulfilling it?

We share the same field, whether in person or online. When attention and intention are created, it is possible to work very deeply regardless of distance.


60 minutes | 6 sessions | Every 2 weeks for 12 weeks

I offer guidance in an open and relaxed flow, focused in the present moment, or with more structure through a deep dive into the memories of childhood onwards. The latter is useful for those curious about the source of their thoughts, behaviours, and life experience with a desire to evolve and grow from them.

For those wanting to grow their professional practice, I offer supervision to new practitioners or those returning to service and wanting to re-establish and realign themselves to apply conscious behaviour in their business.

Our deeply held patterns are reflected in our experience of life and through our relationships.   When we look within and understand the relationship with ourselves through our thoughts, behaviours and emotions, we can awaken from the fogginess of doubt, confusion and exhausting repeating loops to realise how we are responsible in our life.  With this clarity, comes vision and a sense of empowerment to affect change in your life.

A connection with our inner compass requires deep listening and trust.  When we can master ourselves we become active creators of our life instead of victims or passive participants.  We can sow the seeds of our dreams and take part in their blossoming.

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