Genesis – the origin or coming into being

Received as a vision several years ago, the genesis of this foundation came through my partner in service and life, Louie Valotti.

This has unified into our collective vision to empower humanity with their birthright of personal and collective healing and spiritual evolution with an integrated approach through education. We are now an online school offering long term programmes through which an individual can embody the change needed to create and sustain an extraordinary life of health and vitality.

Our team consists of a collective of spiritual teachers, shamanic practitioners, alchemists, integrated medicine practitioners, psychotherapists, yoga teachers and researchers.

Genesis Holistic Medicine offers three Rites of Initiation which are designed to facilitate deep physical and emotional purification. Each Rite has a unique frequency, taking the aspirant through the classical steps of spiritual wisdom and self-discovery.

This is a learning platform that unites the different worlds of medicine. Each Rite is transmitted through an online programme offering practice and direct experience of the wisdom teachings. The methodologies we share are inspired from modern and ancient teachings, creating a new system of teachings encompassing Eastern Medicine and Philosophy, Western and Alchemical Science, and the Q’ero lineage of Shamanism.

The three Rites of Initiation implement three Core Principles:

  1. Biological Cellular Upgrade
  2. Self-enquiry: Who Am I?
  3. Deep Mind Technology

These 3 Core principles provide the integral elements and cornerstones of advanced cell biology, self-discovery and a process of inner alchemy. This is the foundation upon which a transformation of your consciousness can manifest and be incorporated.

The purpose is to align your body, mind and soul to sustain balance and restore vibrant health and well-being to its optimum blueprint. These principles are rooted in both modern medical science and ancient wisdom to offer a comprehensive foundation for human and spiritual health.

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