Energetic Alignment

This 60-minute, therapeutic hands-on treatment for body and mind is over clothes, and usually integrated with acupuncture treatment. It can be offered on its own for those anxious about needles, including little people.

Do you feel scattered, moody, tired, in pain, out of tune with yourself, stuck or burnt out?  In addition to relieving stress, tension and pain, improving balance and calming the mind, you may recall past memory held in the bones and tissues.

This treatment will refresh you from the inside out.  It brings your energy fields back into alignment with your physical body, to a zero point reset, to promote a renewed sense of wellness and balance.

In the safe container we co-create, the body is invited to expand and relax into feeling held so that it can carry out the healing it intrinsically knows how to achieve. In deep relaxation states, the illusion of the need for protection dissolves, the armour drops and we can also access the subconscious.

The body stores memory.  As you enter deep relaxation, the energy bodywork may release cellular memory from your tissues or bones.  You remember vivid memories or a deep knowing of something that happened in your past.

You may also experience the chatter of your mind, fall into a deep trance, feel an energy recalibration or let go of tension. With focused awareness through my guidance, you may be able to feel and into the places in which you hold deep stress and understand why they stop you from being at ease in the present.

As an integrated energy and bodywork facilitator inspired by my education and experience, I allow my hands and intuition to guide the form of contact that is needed in the moment. Through this medium of communication, I receive insights and visions that your Higher Self feels safe to show me, to reflect it to you.

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