‘Dharma’ – the right way of living that is in my duty to Self and of selfless service.
I embrace the seat of the teacher and offer wisdom on a larger scale.

My gift of clear sight allows me to oversee complex human dynamics and the needs that must be met to create a sustainable, ethical, loving and conscious environment.

As your consultant, I am available to advise on conscious projects in the fields of therapeutic healing and education for all ages. My personal experience includes a 20-year journey as an international integrative medicine practitioner in 4 countries, a conscious entrepreneur, and co-creator of conscious learning environments for adults and children.

My innate calling to help others ignites my passion to offer the wisdom I have embodied.  There is no more competition, together we are stronger.

When needs are met on emotional, physical, economic, social and spiritual levels, human beings flourish.  I can help you understand how to meet these human needs and assist in the abundant flow of co-creation.

In this age of cooperation and collaboration, the conscious, sustainable and ethical model will survive and thrive, whilst the old paradigm of ownership and personal gain dissolves.

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